A day trip to Hainburg

A day trip with my friends to Hainburg, 60kms downstream along the Danube River.
Walking near the Danube with lagoons, forest and moskitoes!


The ‘Bärlauch’ is in bloom.
It’s a plant one can eat when it’s young, it tastes and smells like garlic.

The highlight is a sunset picknick at Hainburg’s fort.
Beautiful view to the Danube and all the way to Vienna and Bratislava.

And by chance meeting my neighbour Andi and his beautiful bike.

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Zentralfriedhof, Central Cemetery

One of my favorite hideaways in Vienna, the huge Central Cemetery!

Its an amazing place!
The old overgrown Jewish section has an array of narrow trails.

One can see deers and other animals.

Also good for bird watching, falcons, crows, etc.

Of course there’s also a lot of famous people buried in this cemetery, one can get lost for hours and enjoy this quiet and peaceful place!